Animations and Illustrations as Brand Boosters

Written by Josh Novak

These days content is king. However, most people only consider photos, videos and text as new sources of content for their brand. It is easy to forget that there is are two effective and powerful tools that are under-used, illustrations and animations. The problem with good photography is that most of your competitors already use it, if they don't they should start. One way to stand out above your competition is with custom illustrations and animations.

Custom illustrated graphics are great brand boosters. Here's a few off the top of my head: the Amazon smile, Nike's swoosh, Apple's apple, NBC's peacock, Mailchimp's chimp, Frosted Flakes' tiger, and many more. I have my custom jn initials. Most great brands have an illustration that represents their brand. One that can be used in conjunction with the logo or by itself. Does your brand have one?

If not I would start there. The brand illustration is not the only one you can use though. Custom illustrated icons for websites make your site stand out. Illustrations on infographics help to communicate complicated ideas in effective ways. Product illustrations help show off products in a new and trendy way. Educational materials are much more widely received with them. There are countless ways to boost your brand with illustrations, and most big brands are doing it right now.

Add a little movement to those illustrations and you've got yourself an animation. Animations are a great way to provide some visual stimulation and entertainment for your customers. Don't believe me? Check out my truck at the bottom of this page. That is my actual truck, illustrated and animated for your viewing pleasure. Tell me you didn't enjoy that. Pretty engaging right? I sure think so, and your customers will too.

Websites with custom animations (done well) are more successful in all aspects of analytics, because they are more fun to interact with. You can also use custom animations in your social media posts, YouTube videos, email newsletters, and more. Animations are a highly effective visual language, one that speaks to your audience even if they don't speak your language. Invest in and boost your brand today with illustrations and animations.

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