Do You Have a Brand or Just a Logo?

Written by Josh Novak

Do you have a brand or just a logo; and does your brand and logo need a re-fresh? I am here to help you figure that out. Let's start with the difference between a brand and a logo. A logo is an icon or mark that serves as the main visual identifier for your brand. The swoosh for Nike, the arrow for Amazon, the "G" for Google...these are examples of logos or logomarks. So what is a brand?

A brand is how people perceive your company, and what they think/feel about it. What your customer/clients/consumers think about your business is your brand, not necessarily what you think about it. Branding is the act of shaping and forming those perceptions about your company. This includes all of the actions that you use to build your brand (marketing/ads/social media/etc).

So what is brand identity and how does it play into all of this? Brand identity is all of the physical expressions of your business including your logo, typography/fonts, colors and voice. Using all of these in harmony, with consistency, is key to building a recognizable and positive brand experience.

So the real question is, do you have a brand identity and is it effective? Do you know what typography/fonts you specifically use in your website/marketing/print/digital/etc and the correct usage of size/weights? Can you tell me what your hexidecimal color codes are for web/digital and the corresponding CYMK color combinations for print? What is the voice of your brand and how are you using it? Do you have a logomark that is featured in your logo and can it also be used by itself to instantly represents your brand (like the Nike swoosh)? Does your logo look just as good, or better, in one color (black/white) then it does in the color version?

If you answered no to most of those questions, or even a few, that's ok...I am here to help. I create brands from scratch and re-fresh old ones, empowering your brand to stand out. Every custom logo that I create includes a brand guide, fonts, and colors.

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