Why You Need a New Website Now

Written by Josh Novak

A new website or website re-brand may be just what your company needs right now. Why? More people than ever before are visiting a company's site as their first point of contact. With the onset of Covid-19, and for the foreseeable future, many people will be working and shopping from home. Even if your company does not use an eCommerce site, a quality modern website is a must to make a great first impression with your potential matter what industry you are in.

What makes a good quality, modern site? One must have is a custom design, not just a cookie cutter template from a cheap platform. Your design should be custom tailored to your business and the user experience of your customers and visitors. You wouldn't want your physical storefront to look boring and indistinguishable from the next one, so don't make that mistake with your website. Custom design puts the focus on delivering key information in the most simple and elegant way possible. Good design is simple and clean design. Being able to easily navigate the site and the information within is one key to a good experience for your user. Unique and original design that reflects and elevates your brand is equally as important as usability.

Another must is that your website is responsive and tablet/mobile friendly. As technology is ever changing and evolving, so are the standards for responsive and mobile friendly design. A website designed years ago will probably not work well with today's technology. While some template sites claim that their templates are tablet/mobile friendly the result is usually not custom tailored to these devices. In these cases the images and text often get skewed and text sizes don't translate. Templates make your titles and fonts respond poorly on most mobile devices. What's the solution? Have me design or re-design your site.

Every website that I create is custom designed in three different versions (desktop, tablet and mobile). Yes, you get three custom designs for the price of one. I meticulously craft every aspect of your website to be desktop friendly, then I design it again for tablets, and then I design it again mobile devices/phones. Every font size, image, video, animation, pixel...everything. The end result is a site that is designed three different times to create the best website possible for each device.

Don't believe me? Check out on desktop/tablet/mobile. Compare one with the next. Each version is optimized and designed specifically for the device that it will be viewed on. No cookie cutter templates here. Do you want the same quality and optimization? I thought you might. Contact me today, I can't wait to design or re-design a site for you!

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